Bob Novak is a nature and landscape artist photographer, who was born and raised in southern Union County, NJ. His photographic origins began with an early ‘60s Kodak Brownie camera gift, for the taking of family and vacation pictures. As Bob advanced to a 35mm camera in the early ‘70s, he developed a greater preference for outdoors images, that were influenced by the photography of Eliot Porter and writings of Henry David Thoreau.
Creating this imagery seemed to change with time, and Bob evolved to digital photography in late 2002, with its greater ability to make adjustments at the photo site, and experiment, in processing, and printing. His photographs have covered a wide range of animals, plants, and sceneries, to man-made artifacts and architecture; along with an occasional unusual view of the commonplace. It is the nature of modern digital technology that all photos receive a degree of processing before they are printed. Some images are only slightly adjusted, while others have additional enhancements, using various techniques to create unique prints.
Bob has resided in Howell, NJ for the past 35 years, from which quick trips to different areas of the state, made easy the attempts to portray the uniqueness, individuality, and history, found within this often urban state.
After retiring from a career in manufacturing quality control, Bob focused more intently on expanding his previous photographic hobby interest, by traveling beyond New Jersey for obtaining some of his images. Additionally, he has often exhibited through variously themed shows at his affiliations, and other nature art venues. Bob can also be found at different art, and craft, shows throughout New Jersey, and through his website.
Guild of Creative Art - - exhibiting member since May 2019
BAC (Belmar Arts Council) - - member


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